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The Refiner is Live on CQT Network


  1. Refiner Unleashed: The CQT Network proudly announces the launch of the Refiner on mainnet. This powerful tool addresses the rising demand from developers for enhanced blockchain data access.

  2. Transformative Data Access: The Refiner empowers developers to effortlessly shape and tailor blockchain data to their needs. This bridges the gap between raw data and creative visions, freeing developers from technical complexities and enabling them to focus on innovation.

  3. Elevating CQT Network: With the Refiner's capabilities complementing the Block Specimens, the CQT Network emerges as a hub of innovation. This synergy transforms Web3 data from a challenge into a solution, unlocking new projects and sparking demand for CQT Network offerings.

  4. Future of Web3 Data: The Refiner isn't just about the CQT Network; it signifies the future of Web3 data access. Say goodbye to clunky JSON-RPC calls – the Refiner paves the way for streamlined, secure, and decentralized data access that sets new standards for the Web3 ecosystem. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking announcements, including the upcoming CQT Network Layer 1.

We're excited to announce a significant leap forward for the CQT Network with the launch of the Refiner on mainnet. This development directly responds to the growing demand from developers seeking better access to blockchain data.

Blockchain Data Access Transformed

The Refiner is a groundbreaking tool that empowers developers to shape and customize blockchain data according to their needs. In a rapidly evolving blockchain landscape, data is the backbone of innovation. The Refiner acts as a bridge between raw blockchain data and developers' visions. It provides the means to transform data seamlessly, so developers can focus on building, creating, and innovating without getting bogged down by complex technicalities associated with pulling and transforming blockchain data.

Imagine the possibilities of shaping and refining Ethereum data to meet your precise requirements. The Refiner equips us with an unprecedented level of flexibility.

You will now have the ability to create your own data transformations, and generate an output with desired additional or reductive fields, meticulously designed to align with your unique needs. This isn't just an evolution; it's a revolution. The Refiner empowers us to redefine the boundaries of data access in the Web3 landscape.

Elevating the CQT Network

Equipped with the Block Specimens and now the Refiner's capabilities, the CQT Network becomes a hub for innovation, enabling developers, enterprises, and creators to envision and execute projects that were once restricted by technical limitations.

These groundbreaking technologies harmonize to create an ecosystem where Web3 data is transformed from a challenge to a solution. Developers, enterprises, and innovators can harness the power of blockchain data with unprecedented ease, leading to a surge in demand for CQT Network's offerings. As we pave the way for a future that thrives on accessible and actionable data, the CQT Network takes center stage as the driving force behind the transformation of the Web3 landscape, with $CQT at the heart of it all.

Elevating Web3

The Refiner's impact isn't confined to the CQT Network alone – it's a herald of the future of Web3 data access. No longer shall we be shackled by the constraints of clunky JSON-RPC calls. The Refiner opens the gateway to a new era where data access is streamlined, verifiable, and efficient. This isn't a minor enhancement; it's a transformational leap. With the Refiner leading the way, the future of Web3 data access is decentralized, secure, and remarkably adaptable.

What Lies Ahead

The Refiner's launch is just the beginning. The CQT Network is gearing up to cater to the surging demand for blockchain data. As the Covalent API demand seamlessly transitions to our network, we're committed to providing an infrastructure capable of handling this influx. This marks a pivotal juncture where the Covalent API demand meets the capabilities of the CQT Network, ensuring a smooth and powerful experience for all stakeholders.

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