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V0RTEx 01 Scroll Hackathon - $5K in Prizes and 47 Unique Submissions!

Congratulations to all the V0RTEx 01 Scroll Hackathon participants and winners! The Covalent team had the opportunity to evaluate 47 awesome submissions covering some interesting use cases such as:

  • Crypto payment links

  • Onchain escrow

  • Decentralized prediction dApps

  • and more!

Covalent offered $5K in prizes to teams building with the Covalent API and chose three epic projects to receive prizes of $2.5K, $1.5K and $1K respectively!

🎉 V0RTEx 01 Scroll Hackathon - Covalent Prize Winners 🎉

  1. 0xPush - A crypto sharing app that allows users to send crypto assets via links with customized names, messages, and more.

  2. Satoshi AI - An AI-powered platform that aggregates onchain and offchain data to identify user intentions and fulfill user needs.

  3. CredZ - A decentralized lending platform that uses on-chain activity to calculate credit scores for loan requests and lending.

Keep reading to check out their projects!


0xPush is app which simplifies crypto sharing so that users can share crypto assets with friends or their audience via links with customized names, messages and visual effects.

Satoshi AI

Satoshi AI is intent-centered Web3 infrastructure. It aggregates both onchain and offchain data, uses AI to identify user intentions, and selects the optimal path to fulfill user needs.


CredZ is a decentralized lending platform built on the Scroll blockchain. It allows users to request loans and lend funds to others based on their credit score, which is dynamically calculated using on-chain activity.

Thanks to all who submitted! Awesome job! To see the complete list of projects, click here. 🙌

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