Bridge your CQT

Covalent has partnered with Wormhole to enable the secure bridging of CQT to other networks.

Wormhole is a generic message-passing protocol that connects to multiple chains. Wormhole does this by emitting messages from one chain which are observed by a Guardian network of nodes and verified. After verification, this message is submitted to the target chain for processing.

For more information on Wormhole, please visit its documentation.

How to Bridge CQT using Wormhole

Birding through Wormhole is intuitive and easy. Outlined below are the steps involved to bridge CQT to Moonbeam using MetaMask.


First, go to and connect your wallet.


From here, you need select your source and target chain:

  • Source: Ethereum

  • Target: Moonbeam

Next, CQT needs to be selected under "Select a Token". One can search for CQT and it should appear in the search results. Alternatively, you can search for CQT using its Ethereum contract address :0xD417144312DbF50465b1C641d016962017Ef6240

If you want to bridge back your CQT tokens from Moonbeam to Ethereum, please use the below token address for CQT

you need select your source and target chain:
- Source: Moonbeam
- Target: Ethereum
Next, CQT(Moonbeam CQT) needs to be selected under "Select a Token". Search for the token with the CQT moonbeam contract address: 0xBE4C130aaFf02Ee7c723351b7D8C2B6da1D22ebd


Once you have selected CQT, you should see something similar to the window below. You can enter how much you wish to bridge at this point.


After selecting "Next", you will be shown the below prompt. Select the target chain gas fee payment method, GLMR in this case. The manual payment method was also used


Select "Next". You will now see the option to approve the contract interaction. This will incur a gas fee. In this case, only the designated amount was approved.


Once approved, select "Transfer”.


In the Pop-up "Are you sure?" click "Confirm".


Having waiting for confirmations on the blockchain, one can then redeem their WholeCQT by selecting "Redeem". In the pop-up click "Confirm/Approve" to redeem the tokens.


Voila! You now have WholeCQT on Moonbeam.