Block Results Producer Onboarding

Block Results Producer (BRP):

The BRP is a concurrent Block Specimen data processing framework designed for scalable and verified data transformations. Block results are only one of the many possible outputs which are complete representations of the actual blocks being produced on the Ethereum blockchain (that can be queried using an RPC call to an Ethereum node client like erigon and go-ethereum) and some additional useful fields.

The Refiner Whitepaper goes into detail on its purpose and mission.

Running the BRP stack involves running three main pieces of Covalent Network OS infrastructure,

1.  BRP (or Refiner)

2. ipfs-pinner 

3. evm-server

These coordinate and execute a transformation pipeline per Block Specimen. Running these nodes are not as disk I/O (or cpu/memory) intense as running bsp-geth and bsp-agent on local machines, However they do require sufficient bandwidth for access to distributed store resources and sending transaction proofs using ethereum clients - connecting to our EVM public blockchain partner - moonbeam.

We shall setup all of these step-by-step in this guide in two main ways:

Hardware Requirements


  • 2 vCPUs (cores)

  • 3GB RAM

  • 200GB HDD free storage (mostly storing artifacts on local ipfs; can be pruned periodically)

  • 8 MBit/sec download Internet service


  • 4 vCPUs

  • 8 GB+ RAM

  • SSD with >= 500GB storage space

  • 25+ MBit/sec download Internet service

Software Requirements (Docker Setup)

  • 64-bit Linux, Mac OS 13+

  • SSL certificates

  • docker, docker-compose, direnv