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Decentralized Consumer Apps Hackathon - $5K in Prizes and 58 Unique Submissions!

Congratulations to all the Decentralized Consumer Apps Hackathon participants and winners! The Covalent team had the opportunity to evaluate 58 cutting-edge submissions covering some epic new use cases in Web3, including:

  • SocialFi with built-in token creation.

  • Cross-chain liquidity managers.

  • Onchain betting among friends.

  • and more!

Covalent offered $5K in prizes to teams building with the Covalent API and chose three epic projects to receive prizes of $2.5K, $1.5K and $1K respectively!

🎉 Decentralized Consumer Apps Hackathon - Covalent Prize Winners 🎉

  1. Pennypot - An automatable savings protocol integrating Particle Network for wallet creation, Covalent for token insights, and Chainlink for automation.

  2. Avalanche CrossChain Liquidity Position Manager - A platform to optimize DeFi liquidity management across chains and DEXes, using advanced tech and smart contracts.

  3. Avalanche C-Chain Analysis Using Increment BI - Comprehensive analytics of the Avalanche C-Chain, focusing on metrics like gas, liquidity, and active addresses.

Keep reading to check out their projects!


Pennypot.xyz offers a savings protocol that allows users to automate their savings by selecting various strategies, managing upkeep, and sending round-down savings. It features integration with Particle Network Auth for easy wallet setup, utilizes Covalent's Goldrushkit and API for detailed token information, and employs Chainlink Functions to automate processes both in the frontend and backend.

Avalanche Cross-Chain Liquidity Position Manager

Liquidity Manager is a cutting-edge platform designed to enhance liquidity management in the DeFi sector, simplifying the process across various DEXes and chains. Utilizing advanced technology, smart contract automation, and convenient Particle Auth social logins, it optimizes asset positioning for optimal yields, reduces risks, and increases efficiency.

Avalanche C-Chain Analysis Using Increment BI

An in-depth analysis of Avalanche C-Chain using Covalent’s Increment BI tool. The analysis is segmented into three parts, focusing on reach, retention, and revenue onchain. Metrics include gas paid by users on a daily basis, liquidity added this month, the breakdown of events emitted by smart contracts on Avalanche, total active addresses and more.

Thanks to all who submitted! Amazing work! To see the complete list of projects, click here. 💪

About Covalent:

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