Imagine if you could access data on any business in the world - every payment on Stripe, every interaction on Instagram, every stream on Netflix, every game on PlayStation. In Web 2.0 that's all proprietary data. With Web 3.0 every transaction is public, but difficult to consume - until now. Increment is a business intelligence (BI) tool making Web 3.0 data browsable and easily consumable. Web3 businesses can now forecast, strategize and create a data-driven culture with business intelligence that anyone can explore.

The Complexity Of Web3 Analytics

If you've been trying to get reliable access to blockchain data then you've likely encountered the following issues:

  1. Fragmented Solutions. Many data solutions excel in one or two areas, but lack the comprehensive coverage required to calculate critical metrics.
  2. Technical Hurdles. Solutions with technical barriers prevent your organization from accessing data which distracts engineers from building product to fulfill data requests. Use Increment and let your engineers focus on building.
  3. Complexity of Blockchain Data. Even if you are able to jump over the technical hurdles, raw blockchain data can be extremely challenging to comprehend; especially if you are analyzing data across numerous chains. It takes a long time to understand the nuances between transaction, block and log event data and how they go together to build meaningful analytics - time you don't have.

The Simplicity Of Increment

  1. One-stop Shop. Increment provides a one-stop shop with the complete historical dataset of 100+ blockchains; the most extensive and diverse volume of blockchain data available, comprising every smart contract, event, transaction, and block.
  2. No-Code Solution. Increment's data models are used to automatically write SQL for you based on the analytics you want to see. Our models abstract away the nuances and complexities of working with on-chain data, providing a seamless experience when building analytics. We have models for every sector in the space, including NFTs, Lending, DEXs, Blockchains, and more.
  3. Labelled Data. Increment has every DEX, NFT and Lending event transformed into human readable data so analysts never need to speak the language of blockchain data again.

Don't believe us? Here's a 4 minute demo:


A Framework For Results

The Web 3.0 space is conditioned to analyze traction through the lens of random, bespoke metrics that are prone to going up, and to the right. How can we determine if businesses are thriving or struggling without any standardization of metrics and definitions? Hint: We can't.

To address this issue, Increment is imbued with a standardized analytics framework - Reach, Retention and Revenue (RRR). With the RRR framework,

  • Businesses can quickly source actionable business insights, communicate efficiently and integrate data driven workflows for improved decision making.
  • Investors can compare the progress of various businesses and standardize their portfolio reporting.
  • Analysts can gain accurate insights into a business' true growth drivers and effectively communicate them in a structured manner.

Reach, Retention & Revenue Isn't Just Our Framework