Increment Overview

Increment allows you to query and visualize the complete historical dataset of 200+ blockchains, including every smart contract, event, transaction, and block.

Getting Started

Ready to dive in? Here's how to get started with Increment:

  • Create an Account: Sign up for an account to access the Covalent platform.

  • Explore Data: Use our Query Editor to explore data, write queries, and gain insights.

  • Create Visualizations: Make stunning visualizations with graphs, charts, and other unique options.

  • Build Dashboards: Create dashboards to embed visualizations, graphics, and text to tell compelling stories with your data.

Why Increment?

  • Full Historical Data On 200+ chains: Increment provides a one-stop shop with the complete historical dataset of 150+ blockchains, the most extensive and diverse volume of blockchain data available, comprising every smart contract, event, transaction, and block.

  • Labeled Data: Increment decodes and normalizes data from protocols, including 80 DEXs, 40+ NFT Marketplaces, and 24 Lending Protocols. Access analytics for all these protocols with interactive dashboards like Swap Land for DEXes, JPEG Analysis for NFTs, and Chain GDP for Blockchain traction.

  • Unification: Unlike many tools today, Increment’s relentless focus on unification has eliminated the need to join and union numerous tables to answer a simple question: What is Opensea’s cross-chain sales volume? As more data from chains, protocols, collections, and tokens flow into Increment, the models can automatically query this new information without any extra work for the user.

Getting Help