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Prompt Master: The Optimism Ecosystem


  • Today we're announcing that Optimism is the next ecosystem in our weekly Prompt Master competition. We are giving out $500 in prizes to the best analysis on Optimism. 🏆

  • To participate, leverage the power of Increment, our no-code analytics product, to create the best data prompts. What's a prompt? Read more down below.

  • With Increment, you can dive deep into everything from Optimism's chain stats to app-chains like Base, or even individual NFT sales on Opensea Optimism. It's entirely up to you.

  • Kickstart your data exploration by signing up for Increment and experimenting with our diverse range of dashboards. Remember, no coding is required to build custom, powerful analysis; it's data analysis made easy!

  • The race for the Prompt Master title starts now! You have until June 20th, 5pm PT to submit your Twitter thread using this google form. Ready, set, analyze! Good luck.

The Opportunity

We're kickstarting this week's competition with a focus on the Optimism ecosystem which includes the Optimism L2 rollup - a general purpose rollup - and Base - a purpose built OP app-chain. But, this is just the beginning! The Prompt Master competition will take place weekly, with each week focusing on a different ecosystem.

The race for the 'Prompt Master' title starts now! You have until June 20th, 5pm PT to submit your Twitter thread using this google form. Rewards will be distributed to winners on June 21st, so follow our Twitter (@Increment_HQ) as you don't want to miss out:

  1. 🥇 Prompt Master $200

  2. 🥈 Prompt Admiral - $100

  3. 4 x 🥉 Prompt Commander - $50 each

Everyone who submits a Twitter thread will be a lot more likely to get accepted into the next Data Alchemist Boot-Camp, where alumni receive up to $5000.

Why Does This Matter?

At the heart of this initiative is our new, no-code analytics product - Increment - which enables users to answer questions and create prompts that generate comprehensive charts and dashboards.

Our mission is to equip analysts with efficient, effective tools, enabling them to dedicate their time on the action that drives results: data analysis. Analysts should be analyzing, not spending countless hours coding, sourcing and decoding. In a world increasingly reliant on data, better, faster, and more affordable tooling is how we contribute to the vision of Web3!

Build a prompt. Run. Analyze. Watch a 4 minute demo to get start.


Increment's Secret Sauce: Data Prompts

Increment is revolutionizing how the Web3 space approaches analytics with its novel no-code solution that can analyze 100+ blockchains. Users can now use simple user-friendly models to build dynamic, custom charts.  Many analytics tools let you write SQL to create charts, but Increment is the only one to encode business logic - Reach, Retention, and Revenue - into an SQL compiler that can write valid SQL for you. The tool takes every possible chart creatable with SQL-based tools and bakes them into a standardized, open-sourced set of dimensions and measures - known as a model.

Interacting with a model is as simple as building a prompt by answering these 6 questions:

  1. What model would you like to use?

  2. What would you like to measure?

  3. What time period would you like to analyze?

  4. What chain would you like to analyze?

  5. What filters do you want to apply?

  6. What do you want to group the data by?

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up for Increment here.

  2. Watch this quick demo to get an understand of how to build powerful, custom analytics - it's only 4 minutes.

  3. Start exploring our pre-built dashboards:

    1. JPEG Analysis - analytics on NFT sales data across 39 NFT marketplaces, including Opensea Optimism, Quix and ToFuNFT Optimism.

    2. Swap Land - analytics on DEX transactions (swaps, add liquidity and remove liquidity) across 76 DEXs, including Uniswap Optimism, Fraxswap Optimism & Zipswap.

    3. Chain GDP - analytics on blockchain level stats across the 100+ chains we support.

    4. Token Dog Mode - analytics on tokens across 100+ chains.

  4. Centre your analysis around any of the projects on Optimism or Base - the first OP app-chain.

  5. Build a prompt. Run. Analyze. It's that simple!

Join us in this exciting weekly competition and level up your skills in data analytics. We are eager to see what you create!

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