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Dungeons & Data

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The purpose of the Dungeons & Data (DnD) campaign is to empower a wide community of 'Citizen Data Scientists', analysts and enthusiasts who can quickly and effectively analyze curated datasets with little-to-no coding and create valuable apps and case studies.

The multi-week campaign consists of activities which include:

  • Running daily quizzes
  • Running week-long puzzles
  • Developing protocol specific content pieces
  • Developing graphic designs
  • Executing data visualization tasks
  • Executing data science tasks
  • Developing case studies and apps

While this campaign is focused on developers interested in blockchain technologies and applications, it also includes activities for non-developers or general retail communities.

The general campaign website is:


DnD campaign challenges are broken down into Community (i.e. non-developer) and Data scientists challenges.  


Community challenges include:

  • Artist Challenge - Create an infographic piece, explanation graphics or even an art piece about the protocol.
  • Writer Challenge - Create and publish an original article on one of the following topics:

    • What problems can be solved with the protocol?
    • Why is blockchain data analysis important?
    • Why is transparency important for blockchain
    • Open topic - pick up your own topic to write about (must be relevant to the protocol)
  • Daily quizzes - time sensitive, daily, general info quizzes

  • Puzzle Challenge - fun puzzles involving encoded messages, riddles and clues.

Data scientists

Challenges geared towards data scientists include:

  • Data visualization - Pick a dataset provided by the protocol and create an interesting visualization.

  • Data science - conduct analysis and produce a case study on provided data around areas such as:

    • Median LP liquidity provided
    • Slippage rates
    • Whale concentrations
    • Impermanent loss
    • Flash loans