Block Specimen Producer Onboarding

Block Specimen Producer Nodes

Running a block specimen producer node is very input/output (I/O) intensive. Here, the requirements to run a BSP node match that of running go-ethereum full node with some additional provisions discussed below.

Hardware Requirements

The recommended configurations will make sure the sync is not lag prone and the node is able to keep up with the Ethereum network to produce live block specimens.


  • CPU with 4+ cores

  • 16GB RAM

  • 1.5TB free storage space to sync the Mainnet

  • 8 MBit/sec download Internet service


  • Fast CPU with 8+ cores

  • 32 GB+ RAM

  • Fast SSD with >= 1.5TB storage space

  • 25+ MBit/sec download Internet service

Software Requirements

Install the given software

  • 64-bit Linux, Mac OS

  • SSL certificates

  • Git, Docker, Docker-compose

  • BSP-geth v1.4.0 ships with - Geth v1.11.2

  • Go v1.20

  • Redis v7, Redis-cli 6.2.5

  • Listener TCP and UDP discovery port 30303

  • ICMP IPv4 should not be closed by an external firewall