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Nifty NFTs


Use of Covalent API

We needed to query the Ethereum blockchain for a specific contract address and filter the results with a specific owner (auction address) in order to obtain the NFT id that is auctioned. We used the GET TRANSACTIONS ENDPOINT to obtain this information: GET /v1/{chain_id}/address/{address}/transactions_v2/

After getting the NFT ids, in order to post about them, we needed to extract the NFT metadata. We used the GET NFTs Meta Data: GET /v1/{chain_id}/tokens/{address}/nft_metadata/{token_id}/

All extracted data was then used in JSON format.


The project was built as part of the Covalent Alchemist Season 1.


  • Corina Pascu: Discord - @snowdot#8235
  • Samer Haidar: Discord - @GodSamix#6189