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The value of an NFT is derived from its story. This story includes how it’s minted, press events, certifications and more, however, there isn’t a way to immutably tie that data from multiple sources to a token or view it all in one place.

FungyProof enables owners to validate, add and showcase all the value attributed to an NFT over time with a user-friendly UI inspired by collectible grading services.

Use of Covalent API

We use Covalent API to retrieve a list of NFTs that an address has available in their wallet. We also check the NFT data (including metadata) against ours as a backup to our data aggregation services.


The project was built at EthGlobal - HackFS 2021


  • Mike Roth Discord: @mroth#4881
  • Brandon Roth Discord: @Brawndo#2631
  • Joe Roth Discord: @Fungyproof_Joe#8815
  • Mike Paonam Discord: @mikepaonam#0987)
  • Abi Srini Discord: @7811#4251