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One Million Wallets

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The purpose of One Million Wallets is to celebrate the creativity and diversity of blockchain developer communities. This campaign focuses on building custom-themed 'wallets' for any application. Anyone can build a crypto wallet, which we consider to be a commodity.

The multi-week campaign consists of activities which include:

  • Coding workshops
  • ‘Office hours’ with guest speakers
  • Conducting social media outreach
  • Retail engagement challenges
  • Judging wallets
  • Awarding prizes

While this campaign is focused on developers interested in blockchain technologies and applications, it also includes activities for non-developers or general retail communities.

The general campaign website is:

Developer Resources

API Docs

Code Templates & Videos

The following code templates can be forked to create your own copy. Some templates also have a corresponding tutorial video.

Discord Support Channel

Wallet Judging Criteria

For any bounty prizes, wallet submissions are generally judged based on:

  • Originality: Does the wallet app do something entirely novel, or at least take a fresh approach to an old problem?
  • Execution: Is the wallet app usable in its current state? Is the user experience smooth? Does everything appear to work? Is it well designed?
  • Usefulness: Is the wallet practical? Is it something people would actually use? Does it meet a real need?
  • Learning: Did the individual or team stretch themselves and push the boundaries of learning in this space?