Transactions API

Historical Transactions

Scalable APIs to fetch historical transactions across 150+ chains.


Benefits of the Transactions API


A single, unified API to fetch historical transactions including decoded log events. Scales to 150+ blockchains.


Reduce time to market by consuming blockchain transactions in hours, not weeks.


The Covalent infrastructure, built for the enterprise, available to the smallest of startups.

Unified Schema
Decoded Transactions

Comprehensive Blockchain Transactions With an Intuitive Interface

Stop dealing with non-scalable, inconsistent and limited APIs. Covalent is built from the ground up to be an API-first solution to address a diverse set of use-cases including wallets, taxation, analytical and machine learning.

Decoded Transactions for Humans

Users are overwhelmed with unfriendly cryptic hashes. But manually keeping up protocol upgrades to decode transactions in a human-friendly way is time consuming. Use Covalent's taxonomy of machine-generated decodings to keep your users at ease.

Single Schema for 150+ blockchains

No matter the technology, be it alt-L1s, rollups or sidechains, there's no need to understand the nuances of these chains. Covalent's standarized schemas handles all of the edge cases.


Built for Scale

Build analytics for the biggest contracts on the blockchain.

From the Genesis Block

Fetch every single transaction from the start, not just the most recent ones.

Transaction Summaries

Quickly summarize wallet activities without having to download the entire history.

Scalable Event Logs, Without the RPC

With batteries included, no extra charges for archive nodes.

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We're constantly impressed by the quality and quantity of innovative features released by the Covalent team for their Unified API.

Jin Chung



Covalent was the only solution able to meet our needs at scale and the team has been incredibly responsive and supportive in making us successful.

Nathan Snell

Co-founder & CEO


The Covalent API made it very easy to help our SAFE users categorize their on-chain transaction histories.

Jason Chong



Covalent was instrumental in getting us onboarded in our multichain journey. Fetching data became so much easier without digging through low level blockchain data layers.

Idon Liu




Solving specific problems or use cases using the Covalent Unified API.