Blog Banner: AlchemistDAO is here!

AlchemistDAO is here!

TL;DR: When we started the Alchemist Program back in February this year, little did we know it would take on a shape of its own -- to become one of the most vibrant community programs in web3, with 2500+ members participating from over 100 countries. The next step of the program’s evolution from being community-led to community-owned is here.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of AlchemistDAO at MCON 2021 in Denver. AlchemistDAO stems from the first version of the Alchemist Program and brings together a community of innovative data-nerds within the Covalent network, breaking barriers, and creating a new economy powered by data. We want the Alchemists to explore aspirations, pursue queries, and own their future in a space where contributions become currency.

We believe that everyone should have access to education, a high-quality network, career opportunities, and a space to explore their purpose. With AlchemistDAO, we are creating that space for data nerds like us, who want to understand more about the data and the possibilities that it unlocks.

Quote from Jacqueline Kim Perez, Covalent

Not only has it been an honour working and building meaningful relationships with Alchemists from around the globe, but having the opportunity to come together in unity to change lives through removing barriers, breaking stigmas and traditional processes, and redefining the working economy powered by data. We have one of the most vibrant, inclusive, and diverse communities in the space. None of this would have been possible without our Elite Leaders and Alchemists. This is the beginning of leaving a legacy in having One Billion Lives Changed.

AlchemistDAO Genesis at MCON 2021


We chose MCON as the launch site for AlchemistDAO because it represents DAOs in every sense. Over 300 DAO enthusiasts attended the genesis event in Denver, including some of the big names in the industry. We want to sincerely thank the MetaCartel community for letting us launch our DAO in their backyard.

Our time at MCON has inspired us to share our learnings and experiences at the conference with the broader Alchemist community. We take that back home with us.

Quote from Cooper Turley, FWB

Alchemists are the core building block of the Covalent community. If you’re looking to play a meaningful role in a high quality DAO with little technical skills, this group is for you.

The Alchemist Advantage

Alchemists will be able to dive deep into the various facets of the DAO and develop the necessary skill sets to thrive in the web3 world.

  • With Guilds, community members can work towards a singular goal or joint mission and vision in the AlchemistDAO
  • Members in the DAO will connect with top-tier partners,** industry leaders** and expand career path opportunities
  • Alchemists will be working on passion projects that align with our values
  • CQT will be the governance token for the AlchemistDAO. Governance will allow Alchemists to vote on proposals about grants for guilds, operations, and overall management
  • Members can earn, create, redeem, or use NFT POAPs exclusively available to Alchemists through multiple initiatives

Quote from Leilani Ledingham, Covalent

I have had the unique experience of being both in front of and behind the curtain of the legendary Alchemist program. First, as part of an amazing group of OG Alchemists who inspired me and became friends, and now working full-time at Covalent with the relentless team building the groundwork for AlchemistDAO. Through and through, this is such a genuine and special community. It’s unlike any other and I can’t wait to see how Alchemists continue to lift up Covalent and themselves.

What’s Next?

AlchemistDAO and the Covalent family find themselves unique to be at the intersection of community, data, and the web3 world. The shift towards web3 brings endless avenues for people to get involved and redefine cultural and financial systems that are transparent and equitable. Think of AlchemistDAO as a room with infinite doors and the Covalent API as the key that unlocks each one for you to explore.

We have picked 37 Genesis Founders for AlchemistDAO, including some of our Alchemist leaders and a few Covalent team members. Our priority is to onboard the existing 2500 Alchemists as we open up the DAO to everyone.

In the coming weeks, we’ll share more information around the inner functioning, the governance framework, as well as proposals around guilds that boost the AlchemistDAO and the Covalent Network.

To learn more on how you can get involved, head over to AlchemistDAO.

Quote from Ganesh, Covalent CEO

For the last 4 years, Covalent has been building the technology to break down barriers and make blockchain data accessible. This technology is now one of the pillars of the Web3 ecosystem that hundreds of projects rely on. But crypto-networks are more than a technical revolution - they are political and economic ones as well. With the Alchemist program, we are expanding the scope to make crypto accessible to everyone. One Billion Lives Changed is just the start.