Codeless Conduct Hackathon - Covalent Winners Announced!

Covalent is delighted to announce the winners of Codeless Conduct, a multi-week no-code hackathon for non-developers interested in Web3! This hackathon was a huge success with 1200 participants and over 620 submissions, showcasing work in areas such as design, governance, marketing, tokenomics, community, and of course, data!

Covalent received 17 submissions and sponsored $3100 in prizes for the following bounties:

Check out the full list of winners here!

Quote from Tom Terado, Community at Codeless Conduct

With data being an important element of web3, it was great to see so many participants engage with data bounties by Covalent!

Web3 can be intimidating for newcomers or anyone unfamiliar with code and the crypto tech stack. Codeless Conduct is lowering the barriers to entry to welcome people of all backgrounds into the space. Covalent’s ‘analyst mode’ in our API reference makes it easy for anyone to get blockchain data in a familiar excel format (without any coding)! We received many spectacular submissions for our NFT CryptoSheets bounty, and without further ado, here are some of our favourites!

NFT CryptoSheet 1

![Image]( sheet.png)

Quote from Nate, developer of NFT CryptoSheet

A great tool to navigate through this endless sea of data in a streamlined way. For me, data analysis is a super power, and with Covalent everyone can harness that.

NFT CryptoSheet 2

  • NFT CryptoSheet
  • Builder: Hudson Findeisen
  • Use case: This sheet provides sophisticated on-chain analytics with metrics like 24hr volume relative to average, price floor analysis of the oldest and newest projects, as well as unique wallet purchases.
  • Covalent API: Get NFT market global view endpoint used to get NFT market data across chains.

![Image]( sheet 2.png)

NFT CryptoSheet 3

![Image]( sheet 3.png)

Quote from mrwildcat7, developer of NFT CryptoSheet

The Covalent API is an easy way to start your data journey because it provides insightful information at the glance of a query.

NFT CryptoSheet 4

  • NFT CryptoSheet
  • Builder: Ervin Dimitri
  • Use case: This dashboard allows you to explore the holder concentration of a particular NFT collection, and also provides attribute rarity analysis of individual NFT tokens.
  • Covalent API: Get NFT market global view endpoint used to get NFT market data across chains.

![Image]( sheet 4.png)

Quote from Ervin Dimitri, developer of NFT CryptoSheet

Covalent’s API is an easy-to-use tool that doesn't require advanced knowledge and saves time when it comes to fetching NFT data.

Congratulations to all the talented participants!