Blog Banner: Covalent Integrates with Cryptosheets to Bring Crypto Datasets to the Dynamic Analytical Platform

Covalent Integrates with Cryptosheets to Bring Crypto Datasets to the Dynamic Analytical Platform

VANCOUVER, October 29th, 2020 - Covalent, the leading blockchain data API, has integrated with CryptoSheets, a dynamic platform complete with powerful analytic tools for investors, analysts, developers, and students. From DeFi, derivatives, ICO, crypto funds, volatility, taxonomy, portfolio analysis, historical scenarios to on-chain metrics, smart contract logs and advanced crypto fundamentals data, Cryptosheets has the solution for users of all skill levels.

Fundamentally, the integration of Covalent within Cryptosheets will allow users to spend more time on analysis and informed decision making and less time on data collection, transformation and entry. The entire Covalent API is fully integrated with Cryptosheets allowing users to leverage all of the proprietary Cryptosheets tools & functions on top of the underlying Covalent API data. This allows users to browse, test and customize different endpoints and datasets in Excel, Google Sheets and the Cryptosheets WebApp. Every Covalent API endpoint and dataset can be used through the CS custom functions with easy to remember and familiar formulas. Global parameters for transformations, filtering and formatting along with the 180 technical indicator custom functions can also be applied to any of the Covalent data. As a result, a number of actions can be performed including:

  • Extracting specific, nuanced data points from deeply nested JSON arrays.
  • Formatting, reshaping and renaming Covalent data to match required report or presentation formats.
  • Applying dynamic technical indicators including RSI, MACD or EMA to historical data from Covalent to instantly create perfect longer-term averages and trend patterns perfect for charting.
  • Automatically refreshing any Covalent API data in real-time or at any custom interval(s).

Quote from Ganesh, Covalent's CEO

Similar to Covalent, Cryptosheets mission is to make digital asset data easy to access allowing users to overcome traditional barriers to entry and participate meaningfully in the crypto economy. Covalent is delighted to be the granular blockchain data provider of choice for Cryptosheets.

Quote from Chris, Cryptosheets CEO:

Covalent's focus on unified access to complex and inherently dynamic data is critical. Ganesh embodies the realization that while the data landscape is changing rapidly, sparking new innovation and techniques - existing tools and infrastructure still serve a core function. Covalent understands the blockchain data bridge they are building to the future has to accommodate the +1 billion daily global spreadsheet users. This recognition adds to the already vital role and contributions Covalent is making across the emerging crypto data industry.

For more information on the integration or if you want to begin using Covalent data on Cryptosheets, visit here.

About Cryptosheets

Cryptosheets simplifies the process of accessing, aggregating, manipulating, and processing cryptocurrency API data. With live and historical data support for over 10,125 crypto-assets, 200 fiat currencies, 140,000 crypto instruments supported (derivatives, futures, options, perpetuals) and 275,000 capital markets instruments (crypto + stocks, ETFs, ADRs, bonds, commodities, economic indicators) Cryptosheets is the single largest unified source of crypto data.