Covalent: '#OneMillionWallets - Avalanche' Winners Announced

Niall Yorke

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'#OneMillionWallets - Avalanche' Winners Announced

Apr 27, 2021

Covalent, along with our ecosystem partner Avalanche, is delighted to announce the winners of the #OneMillionWallets hackathon - our largest edition of this leading wallet design competition yet!

Over the course of the past 3 weeks, developers have been building Avalanche-based digital asset wallets powered by the Covalent API. And as with each addition of #OneMillioWallets, the level of talent and innovation on display was surreal. Both Covalent and Avalanche would like to thank every participant for taking part.

We received numerous submissions that showcased a wide range of creativity, from Burst NFT, which is a protocol that allows a user to create a unique NFT basket of an unlimited number of ERC20 and Avalanche based assets to a ‘turbo-charged’ Chrome Extension displaying wallet balances and transactions on Ethereum and Avalanche. Of course, behind each of these submissions was the Covalent API, with one developer commenting:

It was easy and it saved me a lot of work and time. I achieved my goal with a single endpoint. Also, it made me realize that I can query multiple chains just by changing the parameters and that in itself I think is amazing.

The Covalent API enables projects to get to market rapidly, which is why over a hundred customers succeed with Covalent including market leaders like 0x, Zerion, Balancer, Reef, NFTX, and ChainGuardians across the DeFi and NFT verticals. Zerion, in particular, uses the Covalent API for their multi-blockchain strategy to show balances and positions, and the primary benefit to them was that they were able to go to market in less than a day.

The #OneMillionWallets campaign is fundamentally about educating the community on how to access and analyze disorganized and complex blockchain data through a ‘Proof-of-Education’ campaign. #OneMillionWallets empowers anyone from developers to creatives to build their own custom crypto wallet powered by the Covalent API.

Outlined below are all of the winners. Congratulations to every one of you.

‘#OneMillionWallets - Avalanche’ Winners Showcase


Burst NFT by @Martinwasalreadytaken and @justinhp

Prize: 1500 USD | avax

Burst NFTs has a unique wallet feature which allows it to use a type of utility NFT that represents a basket of underlying ERC20 assets. It is a complete dApp which is used to create utility NFT. Burst NFTs also is an NFT wallet used to visualize all NFTs a user has in their wallet. Burst NFT smart contract is live on the Avalanche C-Chain Fuji testnet. The frontend utilizes the Covalent API to pull all blockchain asset data such as user address assets, NFT metadata etc.

Covalent API Python Wrapper by @ktmlleska

Prize: 1500 USD | avax

This a Python Wrapper around the Covalent API. Making it easy for developers to consume as a library in Python projects. Thus, further cementing the ease of use of the Covalent API.

Covalent API Chrome Extension by @GodSamix

Prize: 1500 USD | avax

This project is an easy to install and use Chrome extension that grabs very useful info about an address: balance, nfts, transactions etc. This way, you don’t need to open a new tab in the browser and access a website to see this info every time.

Avalanche Wallet Explorer by @AurelienFT and @Idruk5

Prize: 1000 USD | avax

This is a full fledged wallets and NFTs explorer which makes it easy to view all network address information which are powered by the Covalent API by the use of a simple dropdown.

KoinPouch by @Nanuyaru

Prize: 1000 USD | avax

The KoinPouch site serves the purpose of integrating a network using its APIs and making a site with which you can search transactions, balance etc without having to check individual network explorer site. Working with this project has enabled me to connect to developers in this field and motivated me to look for future opportunities in the field.

Avalanche iOS Explorer by @tobiaspe

Prize: 1000 USD | avax

An Avalanche Native iOS explorer built using Swift. Powered by the Covalent API.

Avalanche Flutter Wallet by @quentingosset7500

Prize: 1000 USD | avax

A Flutter Wallet App with a feature to Save multiple Wallet addresses to be used for transactions.

In addition to the prize money, each team will also receive this customized NFT cheque for their winnings!

<img src="/static/images/blog/202104/cheque.png" style=“width=“560” height=“315” >

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