'One Million Wallets' Winners Announced

With millions of API calls and hundreds of participants + wallets created, One Million Wallets has come to an end and what a few weeks it has been! What began as an element of Gitcoin’s Grow Ethereum hackathon, One Million Wallets has developed into a greater, communal effort to develop the wallet space. We saw a huge variety of wallets being developed, some of which will no doubt inspire and be adopted by the community in the months to come.

To all of the participants, thank you for your submissions. You inspire us!

Outlined below are the winning submissions for both the gold and silver bounties, all of which we encourage you to view and play around with. These wallet links are live!

Gold Bounty Winners

1. Discord Chatbot by Sergej Müller

This Discord chatbot app was well executed. Multiple Covalent API endpoints were used, the implementation was easy and the documentation was clear. The chatbot also demonstrates decent performance. Future improvements will include scaling up to track decoded log events.


Community Feedback

“Most of the crypto bots on Discord are mostly either price alert bots or tipping bots. None return the balances of addresses and other applications of this bot. It is well thought out with good intentions added new features to the already existing ones.”

2. Covalent DeFi Dashboard by Shuheng Guo

This Covalent DeFi Dashboard app is well designed and incorporates use of Covalent API endpoints not discussed in the video tutorials or code templates. The dashboard is quite performant and the UI is clean and easy to follow. This is good proof of concept to scale up with more protocols and reports.


Community Feedback

“I didn’t have any issue going through this dashboard. The content was well rounded and the data was provided elegantly. It was such an easy tool to use. Also, it had a lot of data points which is a very positive thing.”

Silver Bounty Winners

  • darrylyeo: This project uses Covalent's API to fetch balance data into an existing app.
  • emmaodia: A detailed wallet dashboard web app which uses Covalent's API for spot prices, balances, transactions and transfer details.
  • man-jain: A Telegram Wallet Bot powered by Covalent's API. Use it to set up a wallet, get token balances, retrieve data for a single transaction, and list the last transactions of an address.
  • segun-ogundipe: An Android watch OS app that let users view a paginated list of the prices and metadata of all tickers sorted by the market price or get a specific ticker or group of tickers using Covalent's API.
  • hhio618: TelePortFolio is your personal cryptocurrency portfolio tracking/alerting software made using Covalent's API, Flask, Influxdb and the Telegram API.
  • ilhamm24: This Ethereum Web Wallet is integrated with the applicant's own Geth server for importing and creating wallets. Balances and transaction data are powered by Covalent's API.
  • johnmgrimm: A Covalent API based wallet which shows current supply and borrow interest rates for Compound and Aave DeFi protocols.
  • claytonsavage: A fun wallet with a credit card interface displaying balance and transaction history using Covalent's API.
  • fastmvm: A comprehensive Chrome extension which includes ERC20 spot price tracking, volatility graphs, watch lists and a conversion calculator.
  • akbaridria: A simple yet elegant wallet dashboard with balances, spot prices and transaction histories in multiple currencies tabulated using Covalent's API.
  • hoangdaothienmenh: A Chrome extension for tracking real-time spot prices for Uniswap pools with Covalent's API.

To the Non-Developers

Throughout One Million Wallets, we have launched a number of community challenges, each different than the last. These challenges ranged from developing your own custom wallet chrome extension while integrating the Covalent API, to designing the user interface of your dream wallet. Of course, the Covalent community met these challenges head-on and produced some fantastic work. Although 2020 was certainly a turbulent year, everyone at Covalent was once again reminded of the level of creativity and talent this community has. For that, we are grateful. We look forward to presenting more challenges in the new year.