Q1 2024 Product Update

Check out what we shipped in Q1, including the Covalent Go SDK, a Viem-compatible client, an open-source transaction decoder and more!


This quarter at Covalent, we're thrilled to announce:

  • The Covalent Ethereum Wayback Machine’s support for new AI use cases in Web3 with our structured dataset.

  • Introduction of GoldRush Decoder, a cutting-edge tool transforming raw log events into structured data.

  • Debut of our Go SDK, enhancing access to blockchain data with Go’s efficiency.

  • Expansion of the Covalent Client SDK to include compatibility with the Viem package.

  • Update to our NFT endpoints to include current_owner data, ensuring transparency and security in NFT ownership.

  • Indexing of 19 new blockchains, expanding our support to 225 chains!

  • A peek into what’s ahead: Enhanced RPC support and a focus on internal transactions.


The first quarter of 2024 has been a whirlwind of innovation and growth for Team Covalent. We’ve pushed the envelope with groundbreaking features and expanded our ecosystem, reinforcing our commitment to providing developers and users with unparalleled access to blockchain data.

The themes of this quarter are Bridging the AI Data Gap in Web3, Streamlining Developer Tools, and Expanding Blockchain Support to foster a more inclusive and transparent digital asset environment.

Let’s dive into the exciting details!

Please note - the “What’s Next” section is subject to change based on several factors, including consumer demand, user feedback and market conditions. We are actively working towards these goals, but priorities can shift based on what is best for the company and our overall vision.

Supporting AI Use Cases with the Ethereum Wayback Machine

What Shipped: A landmark development, Covalent's Ethereum Wayback Machine offers a comprehensive dataset for AI projects in Web3.

Why This Matters: It marks a significant milestone in making large-scale, structured, and secure data available for AI applications, contributing to the evolution of AI use cases in blockchain.

What’s Next: Continued collaboration with AI projects and enhancements based on community feedback.

GoldRush Decoder

What Shipped: The launch of GoldRush Decoder, an innovative tool for converting raw log events into actionable insights.

Why This Matters: It empowers developers and analysts with the ability to decode and visualize blockchain data effortlessly, fostering a more data-driven approach to Web3 development.

What’s Next: Ongoing development and community-driven improvements to the Decoder and GoldRush Kit.


What Shipped: Introduction of our Go SDK, extending our toolkit to include the Go programming language.

Why This Matters: This expands our support to the Go developer community, known for its focus on performance and efficiency in blockchain applications.

What’s Next: Enhancement of the SDK based on developer feedback and usage patterns.

Viem-Compatible Client SDK

What Shipped: We've integrated our Client SDK with Viem, significantly broadening its utility.

Why This Matters: By making our Unified API accessible to developers using Viem, we're simplifying cross-chain data retrieval and enhancing the developer experience.

What’s Next: Further integrations and updates to our SDK offerings to support a wider range of developer tools and frameworks.

Current NFT Owner Data

What Shipped: Our NFT endpoints now feature current_owner data, adding a new layer of transparency to NFT ownership.

Why This Matters: This update is crucial for verifying NFT provenance and protecting digital property rights within the Web3 ecosystem.

What’s Next: Continued enhancements to our NFT data offerings, driven by community needs and the evolving landscape of digital assets.

19 New Chains Indexed

What Shipped:



As we look ahead, we're fueled by the innovations of this quarter and the endless possibilities they unlock. With enhanced RPC support and a focus on internal transactions on the horizon, we’re just getting started on our mission to democratize access to blockchain data.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s continue to build the future of blockchain together. Here’s to a groundbreaking 2024!

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