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Webcouv3r Genesis Event

On March 9th, at 6 pm, some team members of Covalent were excited to participate in Webcouv3r’s genesis event! Vancouver is a top Web3 city, and has a thriving community of people in the space. Home to companies like Dapper Labs, Doodles, "PoolTogether, and DeadHeads, as well as many individuals that are working remotely within Vancouver for some of the top Web3 projects or DAOs, there is an undeniably strong foundation already present. Here at Covalent we strongly value community, so we’re happy to support and help grow the space right here in our own backyard. Thank you frens: the first #webcouv3r event is officially SOLD OUT! Any cancellations will go to people on the waitlist. We will record the sessions and get a bigger space for our April event.Huge thanks to @thehomekeygg @invoke and speakers @dburgar @katreenatecson @eash0x— WEBCOUV3R (@webcouv3r) March 8, 2022 "Erik Ashdown, Head of Ecosystem Growth at Covalent, was among one of the three panel speakers including "Katreena Tecson from CoCoNFT, "Dan Burgar from Frontier Collective, and "Casey Lau from Rise Web Summit as host and moderator. A huge thank you to Casey Lau for getting everyone involved for this massively successful event that ended up being completely sold out. Katreena Tecson is an NFT artist and consultant, Metaverse architect, and partners with "CoCoNFT, a platform that enables people to easily convert their Instagrams into NFTs. Dan Burgar is a leader in the VR/AR/Metaverse space. In addition to being co-founder of "Shape Immersive, he is also a community builder for "Frontier Collective. Casey Lau is a pioneer in the Hong Kong tech start-up world, and a co-host of "RISE, Asia’s biggest tech start-up and innovation conference. NFT doodles "Trying to build the doordash of data." #Webcouv3r The @covalent_hq token is CQT, btw Investors include Binance and Coinbase -- nice!— William Johnson #NYC 👨🏾‍💻 (@notionport) March 10, 2022 Erik also included in his presentation a dashboard highlighting NFT sales of artists and projects in Vancouver, "YVR NFT, and used Doodle’s data as an example. Covalent was grateful to be given a chance to not only support but connect with community IRL (In Real Life). As we slowly return to a new normal, Covalent wants to be at the forefront of events, that include everyone from artists and collectors, to devs and builders. Vancouver and the people in Web3 that call it home have a “let’s work, let’s ship” attitude that is unique and sets it apart from other Web3 cities. Vancouverites aren’t afraid to do something new, fail, and start all over again. Thank you again to Webcouv3r for bringing us all together and to all of the people that helped make it all possible. We’re already looking forward to the next event! For further inquiries regarding events (i.e sponsorships and partnerships), please email Meltem Algan, Events Manager at Covalent, at [email protected].