Blog Banner: Covalent’s Women-in-Tech Are Inspiring Change

Covalent’s Women-in-Tech Are Inspiring Change

Covalent openly prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer and recognizes that women are widely underrepresented within the technology sector. In light of this, Covalent wishes to celebrate its women-in-tech role models, and bring visibility to the diverse career paths available to women in Web3.

Quote from Elizabeth Hamel-Pageau, Operations Manager

Introducing more women to the tech space allows us to innovate from a broader lens of ideas and perspectives. That’s why Covalent proactively seeks out women-in-tech hiring events and supporting communities.

Elizabeth Hamel-Pageau - Operations Manager


Elizabeth has a 6-year tenure of operational leadership within start-up businesses, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Entrepreneurship and Management, from Université Laval. As Covalent’s Operations Manager, Elizabeth oversees the organizational activities of the business, strategizes and implements policy and process improvements, and manages the company’s HR and recruiting responsibilities.

In her first year at Covalent, Elizabeth has led the hiring efforts for the majority of Covalent’s 60+ strong team, organized a company retreat and multiple internal events, and orchestrated the design, renovations, and launch of Covalent’s Vancouver headquarters.

Ice Bar

Covalent’s winter party ice bar, showcasing the company’s #OneMillionWallets campaign, The Alchemist Program, Stake in the City, and Covalent’s unofficial mascot, Boomi.

Meltem Algan - Events Manager


Born and raised in Saudi Arabia as a female expatriate, Meltem moved to Canada at age 18. Meltem is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) with international experience in North America, Turkey, and the Middle East. Before joining Covalent, she was the Marketing & PR Manager for top luxury hotels and overseas resorts. As a Marketing & PR professional, Meltem has worked on high-profile international events, such as the Turkish Airlines Open and the largest wedding on the Aegean coast, an event that garnered international media attention.

As Events Manager for Covalent, Meltem owns the entire budgeting, planning, and execution process of Covalent’s global events. She ensures that Covalent facilitates, attends, and valuably contributes to a wide range of significant international events, including highly regarded summits and conventions, international roadshows, and global keynote speaking opportunities. In addition to her wealth of experience, Meltem has a number of notable career highlights. She has organized international government training programs in British Columbia and coordinated the first Audio Visual Investment Forum in Saudi Arabia, a government initiative that was the first of its kind in the Kingdom.

Eth Denver

Leilani (left) and Meltem (right) representing Covalent at our ETHDenver booth.

Tanisha Bhanot - Graphic Designer


Tanisha was the first person in her family to pursue a career in design, an unconventional role for women in her home country of India. She recalls an extremely skewed ratio of men to women studying Graphic Design at her school, and even fewer women pursuing a career in the technology sector. After graduating from Symbiosis Institute of Design, with a Bachelor's Degree in Design, Tanisha continued to break convention and interned at several technology companies, before eventually discovering Covalent.

As a Graphic Designer, Tanisha creates beautiful visual concepts to communicate Covalent’s vision and stories to the world. As one of the first ten employees at Covalent, Tanisha has played an integral role in cultivating our brand. Her highlights include championing our well-known #OneMillionWallets campaign, creating the design language for our global Alchemist community program, and designing the stunning POAPs and NFTs that Covalent uses in its marketing efforts.


Tanisha’s stunning body of work includes many popular Covalent and Alchemist NFTs and POAP designs.

Jacqueline Dultra - Digital Design Specialist


Jacqueline is a Digital Design Specialist at Covalent, and the founder of one of the most successful ambassador programs in the blockchain space: The Alchemist Program.

In addition to creating stunning visual designs for Covalent, Jackie has played a pivotal role in leading our global community initiatives and has onboarded over 2,500 members to The Alchemist Program. She has also made significant impacts as a thought leader, educator, and role model in Canada’s Web3 ecosystem. Jackie is passionate about crypto communities, breaking down barriers for underrepresented individuals, and providing education, tools, and mentorship to our global community.


One of Jackie’s beautiful 3-D designs, representing The Alchemist Program’s ‘Hackathon-in-a-Box’ quest.

Khea Chang - Software Developer


Khea joined Covalent as a Software Developer in August 2021 after completing a Web Development Bootcamp. Although she has only recently begun her career in the Web3 space, Khea has already demonstrated exceptional drive and ability and has made significant contributions to a number of key initiatives within our organization. Khea built our Alchemist Dashboard and worked as part of our Research team before settling into her ongoing role as a Software Developer for Covalent’s Unified API.


Khea’s NFT Market icons as part of her work on Covalent’s API Docs.