Address Activity

Address Activity

Tracking assets in Web3 can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. With Covalent's one-of-a-kind tool, effortlessly locate where and when a wallet has been active across 200+ chains.


Universal Compatibility Across Tech Stacks

No need for complex integrations or rebuilding your tech stack. The address activity endpoint can sit upon any tech foundation, saving you time and paving the way for easy development.

Optimized Data Retrieval for Cost Efficiency

Eliminate unnecessary costs and guesswork by exclusively fetching the data your users need. Accelerate your go-to-market timeline and channel your budget towards refining the user experience.

Future-Proofed for the Evolving Web3 Ecosystem

Stay ahead in the dynamic world of Web3. Covalent is prepared to support hundreds more chains in the coming months, ensuring you're always at the forefront of the blockchain ecosystem.

Visualize Your Workflow


Automatic Chain Detection

Eliminate the need for users to manually keep track of their funds, providing a seamless experience.

User Security Enhancement

Proactively detect and notify users of potential security threats or unauthorized transactions.

Never Miss a Thing

Ensure trust and confidence in the breadth of data you present to users and regulatory bodies.

Robust Developer Support

A community of 40,000+ developers and extensive documentation ensures smooth integration and prompt support.

See It In Action

Learn more about the creation of our Address Activity endpoint and see a short demo!

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