Token Balances API

Token Balances

A single API to fetch a wallet's ERC20 balances, allowances, transfers and prices.


Benefits of the Token Balances API


A single, unified API to fetch token balances including spot prices. Scales to 200+ blockchains.


Reduce time to market by consuming multi-chain balances in hours, not weeks.


The Covalent infrastructure, built for the enterprise, available to the smallest of startups.


ERC20 Tokens Indexed




Unified Schema

A Single API for Token Balances across 150+ Blockchains

No need to engineer around expensive RPC calls, missing tokens, and unsupported blockchains - time that can be better invested in enhancing your user experience.

Protect User Funds by Showing Approvals and Assets At Risk

Balances and Approvals go hand in hand. The approvals endpoints shows you assets at risk, categorized by spender creating a more secure and confident Web3 experience.

Native Name Resolution via ENS, RNS and Unstoppable Domains

Relying on 3rd party APIs results in inconsistent results, incomplete coverage and additional latency to your user experience. Every Class-A endpoint on Covalent resolves multiple name services, making for a user-friendly experience.


Historical Token Holders

Covalent has balances for each wallet on each block - building a snapshot of a token and its holders at a historic block is one call away.

Contract Metadata

Covalent has cached token logos and contract metadata for millions of tokens across chains. Developers don't have to integrate external APIs and add further latency to their queries.

Wallet Activity

Users have their assets and data scattered across dozens of blockchains. Covalent's Wallet Activity is a single API to show you what networks a user has assets on.

Enterprise Support & SLAs

Your trusted and reliable partner in scaling your applications.

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We're constantly impressed by the quality and quantity of innovative features released by the Covalent team for their Unified API.

Jin Chung



Covalent was the only solution able to meet our needs at scale and the team has been incredibly responsive and supportive in making us successful.

Nathan Snell

Co-founder & CEO


The Covalent API made it very easy to help our SAFE users categorize their on-chain transaction histories.

Jason Chong



Covalent was instrumental in getting us onboarded in our multichain journey. Fetching data became so much easier without digging through low level blockchain data layers.

Idon Liu



Covalent's Approach

Our mission is to empower the pioneers of tomorrow by building the richest and the most robust data infrastructure for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

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A single API to fetch a wallet's ERC20 balances, allowances, transfers and prices.