Alchemist Program 3.0 BETA

A gamified learning & growth program designed to unlock your inner data-nerd, expand career opportunities in Web3, connect with Ecosystem partners, complete challenging Quests, earn rewards, network and more!
About the Program
We believe that everyone should have equal access to education, a high-quality network, an opportunity to explore career paths in Web3, and a safe space to learn at your own pace.

Anyone can join the Covalent community, but to become a Covalent Alchemist requires a bit more commitment. You are ultimately in control of your growth journey at Covalent.

An Alchemist is a self-starter and autonomous team player who is keen to demonstrate their dedication to the project and personal growth. We will support your development in all areas by providing you with coaching and co-creating a growth action plan to help you keep track of your goals through a fun-filled gamified experience.
Leadership roles
Job opportunities
Benefits of Becoming an Alchemist
Network with top-tier ecosystem partners in the blockchain space & Alchemists from across the globe.
Join our Discord where you’ll find a vibrant community building the Covalent ecosystem.
Get training to support you across all levels of your growth & learning in order to expand your career into Web3.
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Gain recognition & exposure in Web3 for all of your content, newly developed skills, and efforts.
Work hard to develop new skillsets, earn rare POAPs, rewards, NFTs, unlock Ranks, and more!
Discover different levels of Quests that will help you develop different professional skill sets and expand job opportunities in Web3. Earn rare Potions (XP), POAPs, unlock Ranks, access rewards, connect with Alchemists from across the globe, and more!

You have the choice to work with a team or learn at your own pace.

More information on Quests below - BETA mode.
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Daniel B.#0517
Aryan Jain#9388
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Here are some of our frequently asked questions
How do I become an Alchemist?
It’s easy! Join Covalent’s official 🔬be-an-alchemist Discord channel where you will find a welcome message and a walkthrough on how to get assigned an ‘Alchemists’ role. Looking forward to welcoming you to the #AlchemistFam.
What does (BETA) mean?
This means that the Alchemist Program is currently going through testing phases to ensure that Quests are running properly with the help of other fellow Alchemists who have volunteered or have been hanpicked.
Can I create a Quest?
You will be able to create Quests in the future. The Alchemist Program is in (BETA) where high-quality Quests created by the Covalent team are undergoing testing with volunteers to ensure an amazing learning & growth experience.
Can I invite friends/family to become an Alchemist?
Absolutely! Anyone who is looking to have a safe space to learn at their own pace and expand their career paths into Web3 is welcome to join the program. We are here to help with your journey!
Can I suggest ideas?
Yes! At Covalent, we take feedback and ideas serious. If you have a creative concept or blue-sky idea, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to Jackie who oversees the Alchemist Program at [email protected].
What is a Quest Designer?
A Quest Designer is a leadership role for Alchemists looking to run and/or create Quests for other Alchemists to participate. They require training, additional responsibilities, receive different rewards, and more. 

This role is perfect for anyone looking to challenge themselves and build their Web3 resume.
What are Potions (XP)?
Potions (XP) are rare POAPs of accumalated experience that you earn as a Quest Designer when you successfully complete and/or run a Quest. Collecting these helps you unlock higher Ranks, different rewards, NFTs, access to special events, and more!
What are Quests?
Quests are high-level gamified challenges that have been created to help Alchemists gain different real-life skillsets such as: Marketing, Event Planning, Data Analytics, Networking, developing Soft-Skills and more that they can apply in projects, businesses, and more in Web3.