What is Increment?

Increment's novel no-code solution enables users to build dynamic, personalized charts using intuitive, powerful data models. Many analytics tools let you write SQL to create charts, but Increment is the only one to encode business logic - Reach, Retention, and Revenue - into an SQL compiler that writes valid SQL for you. The tool takes every possible chart creatable with SQL-based tools and bakes them into a standardized, open-sourced set of dimensions and measures - known as a model.

Browsing dashboards on the “Type SQL. Get Charts” tools, like Dune, is like trying to watch old, VHS tapes - everything is static in time. The experience is pre-determined. Comparatively, using Increment is like playing the PS5. Here, the analytics evolves as you interact with it. Without writing any complicated filter logic, Increment’s UI automatically presents the filters you’ve chosen so you can easily pivot and filter dashboards by values such as chain name, protocol name, token, user, and much more. Every adjustment reshapes the data, offering a fresh perspective that unearths new insights. Just as each move in a video game can yield a different outcome, each query with Increment can spawn a hundred follow-on analyses, making the experience truly dynamic and immersive.

How does Increment compare to other Web3 analytics products?

  1. Full Historical Data On 200+ chains. Increment provides a one-stop shop with the complete historical dataset of 150+ blockchains; the most extensive and diverse volume of blockchain data available, comprising every smart contract, event, transaction, and block.
  2. No-Code Solution. Increment's data models are used to automatically write SQL for you based on the analytics you want to see. Our models abstract away the nuances and complexities of working with on-chain data, providing a seamless experience when building analytics. We have models for every sector, including NFTs, Lending, DEXs, Blockchains, and more.
  3. Labelled Data. Increment decodes and normalises data from numerous protocols, including 80 DEXs, 40+ NFT Marketplaces, and 24 Lending Protocols. Access analytics for all these protocols with interactive dashboards like Swap Land for DEXes, JPEG Analysis for NFTs, Chain GDP for Blockchain traction, and Token Dog Mode for Tokenomics.
  4. Unification. Unlike many tools today, Increment’s relentless focus on unification has eliminated the need to join and union numerous tables to answer a simple question like: What is Opensea’s cross-chain sales volume? As more data from chains, protocols, collections, and tokens flow into Increment, the models can automatically query this new information without any extra work for the user.

What are the Use Cases of Increment?

Increment supports a broad range of Web3 analytics use cases including:

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