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Evmos is a scalable and interoperable Ethereum compatible network. It is built on the consensus mechanism of Proof-of-Stake with fast-finality. Evmos is an application-agnostic Cosmos chain that will be interoperable with the Ethereum mainnet, and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible environments, and other Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) chains via Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC), making it easy for users and developers to interact seamlessly between chains. Evmos aims to be the EVM Hub of Cosmos, making it easy for smart contracts to deploy and communicate within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Quick facts

Property Value
Evmos Testnet chainId 9000
Cosmos Blockchain Explorer explorer.evmos.org
Block time ~7 seconds

Supported endpoints

  • api.covalenthq.com/v1/{chainId}/address/{address}/balances_v2/

    • Get token balances for address. Return a list of all ERC20 and NFT token balances including ERC721 and ERC1155 along with their current spot prices.
  • api.covalenthq.com/v1/{chainId}/address/{address}/transactions_v2/

    • Retrieve all transactions for address including their decoded log events. This endpoint does a deep-crawl of the blockchain to retrieve all kinds of transactions that references the address.
  • api.covalenthq.com/v1/{chainId}/address/{address}/transfers_v2/

    • Get ERC20 token transfers for address alongwith historical token prices.
  • api.covalenthq.com/v1/{chainId}/tokens/{contract_address}/token_holders/

    • Return a paginated list of token holders contract_address as of any historical block height.
  • api.covalenthq.com/v1/{chainId}/events/address/{contract_address}/

    • Return a paginated list of decoded log events emitted by a particular smart contract.
  • api.covalenthq.com/v1/{chainId}/events/topics/{topic}/

    • Return a paginated list of decoded log events with one or more topic hashes separated by a comma.

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