MELDchain Blockchain Data Indexing API

MELDchain Quick Facts

MELD is the world's first L1 blockchain integrating DeFi and fiat banking. Utilizing its lending & borrowing protocol to reward validators, maintaining high-speed transactions and permanently low fees at scale, while also enabling access to fiat for real-world payments.

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Supported Endpoints

Code Samples

Get token balances for address

GET /v1/{chainName}/address/{walletAddress}/balances_v2/

Commonly used to fetch the native, fungible (ERC20), and non-fungible (ERC721 & ERC1155) tokens held by an address. Response includes spot prices and other metadata.

1.00 Credits
npm install @covalenthq/client-sdk
import { CovalentClient } from "@covalenthq/client-sdk";

const ApiServices = async () => {
    const client = new CovalentClient("YOUR_API_KEY");
    const resp = await client.BalanceService.getTokenBalancesForWalletAddress();