On-Chain Coverage

With over 100 chains currently supported, Covalent's breadth of chain coverage is unparalleled. Whether it's an event, a token or a transaction, Covalent captures it in real-time.

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Active Tokens

DeFi Coverage

Covalent's DeFi data coverage is best in class, providing data availability for every on-chain protocol all the way back to its inception. This ensures that our users can access the most comprehensive and accurate DeFi data.

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Dex Trades
Dex Pairs

NFT Coverage

NFT Token metadata and assets are stored off-chain, usually behind heavily rate-limited APIs, non-standard formats, and gigantic file sizes - without thumbnails, and unoptimized images. Covalent has downloaded the metadata, assets and other related information and cached them on our side for the best developer experience.

EthereumPolygonBNB Smart ChainArbitrumOptimismBaseZoraTotal
Crawled NFT Token Metadata External token metadata downloaded, normalized and cached by Covalent.40,450,56991,565,05337,865,6066,749,91712,295,4363,244,377519,440192,690,398
Crawled NFT Token Assets
External token assets downloaded, thumbnailed and cached by Covalent.
Crawled NFT Collections


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NFT Collections
NFT Trades