APIs used:
  • Get NFTs for address  
  • Check ownership in NFT collection  
  • Get chain collections  

Is your wallet filled with tokens with names that look like ETHStation 1672656735919, smartdiving.game229, or NFTSprites.com? Unfortunately, spams are as common in the NFT world as cat memes. Not only are they annoying for your users, they might even be malicious.

Fortunately, Covalent takes spam tokens very seriously and we have recently enhanced all of our NFT endpoints to include spam filters.

This takes the form of an additional is_spam field in the item responses of the following endpoints:

  1. Check ownership in NFT collection

  2. Check ownership in NFT collection for specific token

  3. Get chain collection

  4. Get NFTs for address

  5. Get NFTs from contract with metadata

  6. Get single NFT with metadata from contract

  7. Get single NFT with external metadata from contract

  8. Get token balances for address (with nft param set to true)

  9. Get NFT transactions for contract

To deliver that clean, spam free experience for your users, simply filter the responses with is_spam === false on your frontend client and you’re good to go!

For the following endpoints, you can also specify no_spam=true in the query param to get only the non-spam response items:

To a safer, cleaner Web3, one spam contract at a time.

Happy buidling.